TEST Karin Vermeer born and raised in the city of Tilburg, The Netherlands in 1970. In 1994 she finished the Willem de Kooning academy in the direction fashion design, illustration and painting. After finishing her education she directly started to work for many different clients, this in art and scenery painting. In early 2000 she specialized more in digital design with different programs. Nowadays she mainly designs paintings on demand, specifically intended for the interior branch. She still makes scenery paintings, illustrations and autonomous works. Her work is always very versatile, she combines realism and abstract matters creating and evolving beautiful pieces of art. She has fantastic photographic designs which Cobra Art proudly shows in their collections. You could best define her as a creative myriapod that doesn’t caution any material. She has much empathy and a good feel for trends and styling. The materials she uses are acrylic,- and oil paints, modeling pastes, gels, photography and many other unusual materials.


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