Welcome to Cobra Art Company. We would like to introduce to you our exclusive collection of photo on plexiglass, paintings, masterpieces and sculptures & objects. Founded in 1983, family company Cobra Art Company with Mike and Jeannette van Rijswijk as the creative minds behind Cobra Art Company, they collaborate with national en international photographers and artists to create and develop the Cobra Art collection.


The masterpiece collection is an high end collection created in a collaboration together with well-known national and international artists that exists out of limited editions or an unique one of a kind piece. For this collection our artists combine different special materials like: liquid gloss, metalpaint, resin to create that exceptional masterpiece collection!

ML 0022 True colors 122,5×155 Marcel van Luit Limited Editions
PS 0005 Welcome On Board ROLLS Philippe Shangti Limited Edition
MK 0003 . David Bowie . The Savior . 124×152 . Markus Klinko . Limited Edition
GN 0247 Widow Cecile Plaisance Limited editon
EV 0009 Ayrton Senna Eileen Verkooij Limited Edition
GK 0005 . Desire . 120x160cm . Gert Kist . Limited Edition
AC 0001. Ocean 11 . Limited Edition . Axel Crieger
GN 0764 Non Sense LV Bronze Limited Edition David Stesner
GN 0764 Non Sense LV Bronze Limited Edition David Stesner

We always try to inspire the artist to create work that proves to be the ultimate finishing touch in an interior. Due to the close cooperation with the artist the most beautiful paintings are created. Most of the paintings are mixed media paintings, the procedure of a mixed media painting is that a digital design is printed on to the surface, and then finished with rough details and structures by the artist, that makes every painting an unique piece!

Below you can find a selection of our paintings on canvas.


GN 0810 Leon Bosboom 160×140 Tauro Prima
GN 2938 . Karl Lagerfeld . Karin Vermeer
GN 2899 . Queen . Unique Piece . Karin Vermeer
GN 2941 . Frida Kahlo . Karin Vermeer
GN 2943 Kate Moss Playboy Karin Vermeer
GN 2853 . Evy . Unique Piece . Karin Vermeer
GN 2887 . Brigitte Bardot . Unique Piece . Karin Vermeer
GN 2934 . Marilyn’s colors . Karin Vermeer
GN 2934 . Marilyn’s colors . Karin Vermeer

Cobra Art Company is a market leader in photo on plexiglass. Due to years of experience and creative insight we work together with the best photographers to find an extraordinary collection for our customers and collaborate with artists to create our own exclusive photo shoots to maintain on top as the market leader!

GN 8267 The surface Mirella Sleenhoff
GN 8236 Gypsy Harley
GN 8182 Light 010 Rotterdam Fenna van der Vliet
GN 8272 Rockefeller plaza Peter Odekerken
GN 8120 Selfish pride Igor Vasiliades
GN 8172 . Confession . Limited edition . Cem Bayoglu
GN 8259 . FastFood Fries Louboutin . Limited Edition . Martijn Senders
GN 7948 . Foxglove . Limited Edition . Teis Albers
GN 7948 . Foxglove . Limited Edition . Teis Albers

The Cobra Art Company collection in sculptures & objects has an extensive range of original, exclusive, fun, high quality sculptures and objects whom become more and more part of the interior!

GN 0635 . Skull cross . Unique Piece . Swanet Muskee
GO 0271 Ferrari Capsule big 50cm Erik Salin Limited Edition
GN 0619 . Bulldog Comics World . Limited Edition . Mandalazz
GO 0328 Jerrycan LV classic Erik Salin Limited Edition
GO 0153 . Tube Pop Art by Andy 58cm . Limited Edition . Geraldine Morin
GO 0163 . Ice Gucci Black 60cm . Limited edition . Geraldine Morin
GO 0145 . Apple Wonderful World . Limited edition . James Chiew
GO 0334 Golden Goldstein Debra Franses Bean Unique piece
GO 0334 Golden Goldstein Debra Franses Bean Unique piece