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The Cobra Art Company head office, including 1100 m2 Art Gallery and logistics center, is located in Veenendaal in the heart of the Netherlands.

Our gallery, of which we are very proud, consists of a number of fully furnished studios with their own interior, in which the works of art come into their own.
The gallery with more than 500 unique works of art offers you as a visitor a truly unique experience!

Customers from all over the world come to Veenendaal to make their selection in the gallery because it gives a clear picture of what is possible with Cobra Art.
If you are a shopkeeper, architect or designer, we would like to invite you to visit our gallery where art becomes an experience.

Mike van Rijswijk
Founder & CEO
+31 (0)318 514 063
Jeannette van Rijswijk
Jeannette van Rijswijk
Creative director
+31 (0)318 514 063
Bionda Gerritsen
Bionda Gerritsen
+31 (0)318 514 063
toine van kerkhof
Toine van Kerkhof
Operational manager
+31 (0)318 514 063

Cobra Art Company Headoffice 
Arkeneel 2
3905 NS Veenendaal

Open on appointment:

Monday till Friday
08:00 – 17:00

Saturday and Sunday

Ook bent u van harte welkom in onze Brandstore in Amsterdam.