Thierry Vanhuysse

Thierry Vanhuysse is a Belgian art photographer who focuses on photographing urban and natural environments. Born in 1978, the purchase of his first photo camera led to a passion for life and the perfect choice of profession. Thierry Vanhuysse travelled the world for his art photography, including places where no other photographer would come. He has done a complete photo session in the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl. The city, abandoned after a nuclear disaster, inspired him to a surreal photoshoot that is simultaneously mysterious, ghostly and artistic. Beautiful desolate photos such as The Classroom and The Swimming Pool are the result.

Thierry Vanhuysse plays with time and light

Thierry Vanhuysse’s greatest strength is his control of time and light by experimenting with the shutter speed. His work therefore contains elements of fantasy, while the subject is often very common and discrete. However, when Thierry Vanhuysse starts with a subject of his choice, something magical arises. His photographs do not just a represent the reality, they play with the reality. A reality as seen in dreams. An illusion, but also the truth. For example, consider Mongkong Timelapse, Venice Italy Docks St. Marco, or On The Move New York. They are all art photographs that give a bizarre twist to reality.

Thierry Vanhuysse and Cobra Art

The inspiring and intriguing works by Thierry Vanhuysse are now also available in the collection of Cobra Art. They are art photographs that you can look at forever and still be surprised every few minutes. In this way, this artist creates emotions his spectators do not expect and arouses a special fascination for the reality that surrounds us all.