Jorge Colomina

Jorge Colomina was born in 1953, in Alcoy – a province of Alicante (Spain). Franco's Spain of the 1960s is for him synonymous with the emigration of his parents to Marseille. He will join them in Paris with his brother in 1963.

From an early age, he expresses his passion for drawing and painting. Barely settled in Paris, his curiosity and his taste for art take him to discover the museums of the city of light.

Brush in hand, he learns. He perseveres: sketches, sketches, paintings … Finally, at thirty, he decided to devote himself exclusively to his art … He chose Antibes and its Mediterranean shores as a land of welcome to live his painting freely.

He has always admired Picasso, Miro, Cézanne, Matisse … He studies their works and works tirelessly to find his own style … The influences of a life … bright colors, moving to express his passion and his emotions. The painting of Colomina, if it is necessary to define it, is like a kind of “Abstract Figurative”.


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