Selin Atasoy

Selin Atasoy, renowned as Jean S. Partre, is an Istanbul-born artist who, after studying and living in the USA and France, returned to Türkiye, bringing a wealth of international experience to her artistic endeavors. With a career of 25 years in advertising, photography, theater, and television, she has mastered the art of storytelling, weaving fantasy and reality. She played a significant role in the success of the Turkish television series 'Evidence,' where her creative input involved writing 100 episodes, each 75 minutes long and featuring original stories, and creating over 1500 characters, a testament to her extraordinary talent in narrative construction and character development.

Selin Atasoy, with her extensive experience in various art forms, is now channeling her talents into a new realm under the pseudonym Jean S. Partre. This name is inspired by the character Jean Sol Partre in Boris Vian's novel 'Froth on the Daydream,' a playful homage to the existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. Here, Selin merges her storytelling expertise with digital technology, crafting visually striking and emotionally resonant works that stand out in the contemporary digital art landscape.

Utilizing AI and various digital techniques, she meticulously describes the finest details of her photographs, transforming these detailed descriptions into captivating visual artworks. This innovative process involves articulating the subtleties and nuances of her photographic subjects, which are then interpreted and brought to life through digital technology. The result is a fusion of Selin's keen artistic vision with advanced digital tools, creating visually stunning pieces that represent her original photography and a new, distinct form of digital artistry. This method exemplifies her ability to bridge traditional art forms with modern technology, further establishing her as a versatile and forward-thinking contemporary artist.

Selin Atasoy's continuous exploration and innovation across various artistic mediums make her an influential figure in the art world. Her ability to engage audiences in diverse ways solidifies her status as an artist worth following.


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