Maybrit Sinot

Maybrit Sinot, born in Amsterdam, is a Dutch contemporary artist with a main focus on painting and sculpting. From a young age, she has been drawing and painting. Over the past ten years, her work has been purchased by art collectors throughout the world, from Miami and Dubai to Moscow and France.

Maybrit Sinot masters a variety of styles. But it is most notable for her abstract expressionist style. In all her work she plays with color, layers and dynamics. She uses different material, such as acrylic-, oil-, and spray paint.

Her Urban Graffiti series, as well as her sculptures show an apparent chaos inspired by both her personal life and the world we live in today. These works show that perception is shaped by culture which arises, through identification, association and desire. This has been, inter alia, influenced by icons of Western popular culture. They have helped shape today’s society in both good and bad ways. This phenomenon is a big fascination for Maybrit.

Her Liquid Mirror series is known for it’s recognizable style and the way Maybrit playswith layering, light and movement. This work is inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature, and all the organic patterns that lie in all its elements. The Liquid Mirror series is a metaphor for everything that is intertwined and shows an image of a recognizable structure which appears at all levels in nature.

Maybrit’s way of working is characterized by intuitiveness in which she combines her personal feelings and thoughts. Her works is full of subjectivity, raw emotions, autobiographic elements, memories and symbols, resulting in an ever-changing interpretation of her art. Her goal is to make art with which it’s beholder can identify themselves and in turn discover their own in it. Above all, it is her intention to energize it’s beholder and cultivate happiness throughout. This message clearly reflects it’s signature.

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