Jimmy Bollaerts, an internationally renowned fashion and art photographer, was born on April 12 in the Brussels-Capital region.


From an early age, Jimmy evolves in his own world in which he finds himself fascinated by beauty and art.

Growing up, he tried to explore beauty in all its senses and eager to put his knowledge to good use, began studying art photography at saint Lucas Brussels.

A few years later, Jimmy entered the fashion world and won countless numurous photography awards becoming the only hall of fame photographer in Belgium.

Innovative, authentic, passionate, the artist does not see the sky as limit creates the concept “Datura creative”. A concept inspired by the surrealist American cinema of David Lynch which, in a haunting mist, reveals the oppressed sexuality of Western women in all its splendor.
By staging celebrities like Anouk Matton, Emilie Payet and many others, the artist tries through his work to ask for the patriarchal values ​​attached to society.

A work by Jimmy Bollaerts that opens the doors to a new world for those who, in the dark, have seen the light.

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