Marnix de Paepe

Marnix de Paepe is a Fleming who was born and raised in the city of Ghent. Originally he was a model himself, but he found out that his true passion was not in posing, but in the camera work itself. He decided to follow this passion and so Marnix de Paepe became a photographer by teaching himself out of books and by looking at the great masters. One of them, Helmut Newton, would always be his great example. He worked for several large companies and brands, until he chose to make the switch from commercial photography to art photography.

Marnix de Paepe art photographer

Marnix de Paepe then reinvented his company by using the name ‘MRNX’. Now, in his own words, he has finally found the ‘freedom of creation’. Marnix de Paepe found his inspiration in photographing the naked female body. He calls her a goddess and he is passionate about her sensuality. This is strongly reflected when you look at the already extensive portfolio of this artist. The feminine form is celebrated and her sexuality shows in the beautiful black and white photos.

Marnix de Paepe for sale via Cobra Art

In the Cobra Art collection, the photographic artworks by Marnix de Paepe now adorn. Photos as Bright Eyes, High Heels, Ivory Keys and Hungry Eyes by this artist can now be ordered via our website. The passionate photos shot by de Paepe will have an attractive effect in every room or office. It is no surprise that de Paepe has had several exhibitions in cities such as Paris and Antwerp. His work is very popular with art lovers from all over the world.