Leon Bosboom is Dutch and his studio is in Amersfoort. He is born in 1959 and has been in the design and art sector for 30 years. Leon Bosboom mainly combines layers of epoxy resin and acrylic to create beautiful artworks. Nowadays this artist works a lot on intuition and allows his work of art to decide for itself which direction it takes in terms of appearance. He paints in the moment. Bosboom therefore tries to create timeless art. Art that stays interesting and therefore can lighten up the owner’s room for a long time.


Leon Bosboom has a passion for the Spanish bull. He calls the power and elegance of this animal extra-terrestrial and that is why the animal is so attractive to him. You can say, the bull is pushing Leon Bosboom to create majestic works of art. One example is the work Viva el Toro. Toro Escollo and Oro de Cabez are other examples of his powerful works of art that do also have a Spanish title. As an artist, his abomination for bullfighting is as great as his admiration for these beautiful animals.


Recently, Leon Bosboom also started to focus on the creation of image-defining portraits. He is inspired by iconic photographs of film stars. Same as the bulls, he uses acrylic and epoxy resin here, but he also adds coffee to the layers! The result is an always stunning and fascinating image. Thanks to the collaboration between Bosboom and Cobra Art it is now possible to order his beautiful collection. Here you will find a broad selection of his work including Toro Forte, Cameron, Toro Prima and the intriguing portrait, Julia.