Karin Vermeer

Karin Vermeer (1970) born and raised in Tilburg, studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in the city of Rotterdam. Named after one of the most famous artists who ever completed this academy. Karin Vermeer focused on fashion design, illustration and painting. In the end, after 2000 she mainly focused on painting, with influences from digital techniques. Nowadays she mainly works closely with the interior architecture branche that is why ehr art is very suitable for domestic and business premises.

Karin Vermeer combines images, photos and paint into art

Karin Vermeer uses specific analogue and digital techniques to create her paintings, these are works of art. Karin Vermeer does not try to communicate a predetermined message with art, but she just let art exist within her creations. These works of art are often a mix of existing images, photographs of unknown and well-known people and her own painting. Then she processes this on the computer to a coherent result. Her art can be described as a combination between realism and abstraction, in which all kinds of art forms and materials are used.

Karin Vermeer paintings at Cobra Art

In the extensive collection of Cobra Art the paintings by Karin Vermeer are now available. These vary from images of actresses like Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe and a model like Brigitte Bardot, to more abstract work such as the painting Blue Passion and Ageless Girl. Vermeer herself says she is mainly interested in the female face and this is very well reflected in the collection. The paintings are suitable for all locations and do not give the room, or the business premises, an extra ambiance.