Jordi Gomez

Jordi Gomez is an art photographer and filmmaker born in Spain. Originating from the small village of Caldes de Montbui he has traveled all over the world since the age of 22. In this period Jordi Gomez also met his mentor Jeremy Simons : an Australian photographer. Gomez became his assistant and learned all the techniques of art photography. Since then, Gomez has started his own business and has had exhibitions all over the world. His work has appeared in magazines such as FHM, Vogue and Elle Glamour. He has also collaborated with big clothing and fashion brands and is now an established name everywhere.

Jordi Gomez shares his view on life using art

Jordi Gomez’s style is best described as a mix of fun, glamour, fashion, advertising, lifestyle and sensuality. Although he works a lot in the world of advertising and fashion, Jordi Gomez is still fascinated by art. With art and mainly photo art he can fully express himself and share his vision of life. Of course, this is close to his commercial style, but his art photography is often slightly more expressive and shows sides that he otherwise would not show. His art varies from black-and-white, or sepia-colored to bright green-blue contrasts and from erotic to highly artistic and abstract.

Jordi Gomez in our art collection

The artworks of Jordi Gomez can now also be found in the collection of Cobra Art. Artworks as Dreamcatcher, Girl in a Car, Backseat Romance and What’s for Dinner you can now order with us. His art is already being sold all over the world. In hotels, clubs and restaurants the whole atmosphere is influenced by his artworks. This special atmosphere that the creations of Gomez provide, can also be processed into your own home. Let us surprise you.