Jaime Ibarra an all-round artist

Jaime Ibarra is an all-rounder when it comes down to art. He is a Flamenco guitarist, graphic designer, Photoshopexpert and also an art photographer. Born in Spain, Jaime Ibarra subsequently enjoyed his adolescent years in Australia before landing in Austin Texas. He focussed on photography and preferred art photography above commercial work. He also teaches in Photoshop, a program he uses to create a totally new world. Ibarra says his focus is on art not on the sales. He only wants to create.

Jaime Ibarra creates a colorful fantasy

Jaime Ibarra’s work is, according to him, a consequence of his synaesthesia. It is a mixture of the senses, for example, he hears colors. Jaime Ibarra created Woman with Butterflies, one of his most famous pieces, a colorful fantasy photograph of a woman surrounded by swaying butterflies. He often photographs the models with a profound facial expression, with eyes that seem to look straight into the soul. His photography is characterized by a certain amount of intensity and dynamics as a result of his style.

Jaime Ibarra for sale at Cobra Art

You can now order Jaime Ibarra’s work on plexiglass or any other type of material at Cobra Art. Ibarra is one of the art photographers that we love to work with and his art creates a beautiful ambiance everywhere. This is most likely due to his great sense of color and the powerful images he produces. This is also shown in our collection.