Igor Vasiliadis a Greek in Russia

Igor Vasiliadis was born in 1972 in Athens. However, the fascist coup that took place around this time made his parents flee to Russia. It was there that a young Igor Vasiliadis discovered his love for photography at the age of eight and somewhat later even made his first black-and-white film. His first camera was the Smena 6 and later the Zenit E. The year 2000 was the starting point of his career in professional photography. Since then, his photographs have been on hundreds of magazine covers and he has won many national, but also international awards.

Igor Vasiliadis a photographer with a distinctive style

Igor Vasiliadis is both a commercial and art photographer who loves nineteenth-century equipment and techniques. For example, he usually chooses to use slow shutter speed for his photos. This reveals the soul of the model and highlights her versatile beauty. Igor Vasiliadis uses silver and platinum plates to print his photographs on, giving them a classic and antique look and because of his style his photographs are very innovative and fascinating.

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The attractive work of this Greek-Russian artist can now be found in the collection of Cobra Art. The art of Igor Vasiliadis makes that you constantly want to look at it and, and as the artist says, gives you insight in the deepest soul of the model. Because the psyche of the model is revealed Vasiliadis delivers the most intriguing art. Experience it yourself and go for that elegant, classic style that you are looking for at home.