Cecile Plaisance reflects the reality with Barbie

Cecile Plaisance’s muse is Barbie. The doll, that many girls in the world have grown up with, is more than a toy for her. For Cecile Plaissance, Barbie is an icon and a reflection of the Western society. A model of the woman who at the same time has to stand for passion and eroticism on one hand, and on the other hand has the role of housewife and mother. For Cecile Barbie is a career woman who strives to be the best in her work, while at the same time makes time to enjoy the sun and the beach. Plaisance creates her photo art with this tension field and continues to fascinate the art world.

Cecile Plaisance used to be an economist

Cecile Plaisance is not artisticly educated. Instead of the art academy, Cecile Plaisance had a career in finance. She studied commercial economics at the Dauphine University in Paris which prepared her for the business world. In this world she also met her husband and with him she worked together for years in the IT industry. She worked in Europe and in the United States. At the same time she discovered her passion for photo art. She photographed everything from people, to animals to nature and human constructions. Barbie was always there too. To reflect the society and position of the woman in it.

Cecile Plaisance’s photo art is available at Cobra Art

At Cobra Art we are proud to work with Cecile on a regular basis. Her art is an inspiration for many and allows us to think about our own position within the society. It is no coincidence that Cecile Plaisance exhibited in the most important galleries in the world and is featured at the largest art fairs. For example, her art pieces were in New York, London, Seoul and Dubai. Via Cobra Art it is also possible to order artworks from Plaisance. Just take a look at the collection.