Axel Crieger is a photographer who makes art photographs we wish to be real. Axel Crieger created compositions of Steve Mcqueen or Brigitte Bardot that are more beautiful than the truth. A combination of sketches, digital effects and a spectacular design yields classic photographs that have never been photographed. For example, Brigitte still exudes in Paris and an eternally young James Dean poses for a propeller plane. Crieger has already produced several exhibitions at international art shows and galleries. Many museums of contemporary art also exhibit his work.


Born in Munich in the year 1955, this American-German photographer studied visual communications. In addition to photography, Crieger also worked as a director and designer for international clients in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London and Milan. He has created advertisements, exhibitions and a variety of designs and large paintings. Alex Crieger even published the book American Night together with author and Golden Globe winner Michael Blake. A book full of intriguing and mysterious photos in the film noir style, with a dramatic look and powerful shadows. Joseph Beuys also painted over one of his pieces and declared it ‘best of the show’.

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Cobra Art works collaborates with Alex Crieger for years and he belongs to a permanent group of 25 photographers we work with. Crieger’s distinctive style has earned him several international awards and worldwide fame. Several celebrities are big collectors of his work. At Cobra Art it is possible to obtain work from this artist, also in smaller formats than the originals. Take a look at our collection and be surprised and amazed by Crieger’s countless creations. Then you immediately understand why his art has found empty nails on walls in places around the world.