Alain Delvoye born for art

Alain Delvoye was born in the city of Kortrijk in Flanders in the year 1959. An artist in heart and soul. He studied at the art academy for eight years to bring his passion to full bloom. His original and ingenious view of reality leads Delvoye to always surprise with innovative and amazing ideas and creations. After 8 years, Alain Delvoye opted finally for photography. Since then he is working as a commercial photographer, but also a creative photographer and he is one of the 25 photographers that Cobra Art works with.

Alain Delvoye became well known with photo art

Alain Delvoye is a self taught photographer. Traveling all over the world and a constant drive to keep innovating, he always creates new, fascinating artworks. His style varies from urban-industrial to very colorful visualizations of natural landscapes. For example, Forest Whispers by Alain Delvoye is a typical example of his strenghth as an photographer. An abstract image of a dark forest that will evoke many emotions. Delvoye, however, photographs also models, animals and icons from the music world and is thus a multi talented photographer.

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As one of the artists Cobra Art collaborates, Alain Delvoye has delivered many beautiful works of art. His varying and energetic style has led him to be an inspiring art photographer for many and his work has intriguing aspects for everyone. For Delvoye photography is his vocation, this is what he was born for and that is why we would like to share his art with you. We would like to invite you to take a look at our collection and to be inspired by this wonderful artist.