Welcome to Cobra Art Company. On this site, we would like to introduce you to our exclusive paintings and photos on plexiglass. Here you can find a grip from our extensive collection. The videos give you a guided tour of our showrooms and exhibition stands. We also take you in the fascinating world behind our artwork. We wish you an inspiring experience on our site!


Cobra Art Company’s art is distinguished by unique works or works in limited edition. We develop our high end luxury collection in collaboration with well-known international artists and photographers. Combining special materials like liquid gloss, metalpaint and resin, produces original and exceptional results. Thus we bring innovative and exciting work on the market.

GN 0201 . Return of the native II . Unique Piece . James Chiew
GN 0613 . Egg blue sky emerging change . Limited edition . David Stesner
GN 0188 . Repentance David Bowie . Unique Piece . Abraham Klinko
GN 0321 . Branded Mind . Unique Piece . Jared Schwalb

Original paintings have always been the starting point of our collection. We inspire artists to create new works, with variation and a luxurious appearance as determining factors. Architects and interior designers, who provide the applied fabrics and colors of a project as inspiration to our artists, see their wishes realized in the art that develops.

Thanks to this close cooperation, the most beautiful works of art are created, which provide the ultimate finishing touch in an interior.

GN 1795 . Royalty . Unique piece . Karin Vermeer
GN 2695 . Abstract 2 . Unique Piece . Jeroen Colijn
GN 2767 . Face . Unique Piece . Karin Vermeer
GN 2759 . Vogue Loves Blond . Unique Piece . Karin Vermeer

Cobra Art Company has become a leader in the field of art photos on plexiglass. Thanks to our years of experience and creative insight, we know how to find the best photographers. Our ideas come alive in the photo shoots and are further elaborated by the artists.

As a result, we managed to market an extraordinary collection of photos on plexiglass, characterized by a wide variety of styles like pop art, artistic nude, urban art and surrealistic.

GN 4705 . Gazing still . Limited Edition . Igor Vasiliadis
GN 4910 . The Night Watch . Limited Edition . JL Art
GN 7496 . Zion . Limited Edition . Alain Delvoye
GN 7570 . The Eternity . Limited Edition . Thierry Vanhuysse

Sculptures and Objects have re-established themselves as one of the most vital art forms for today.
Cobra Art Company brings together work from international compelling artists with an extensive range of original quality sculptures and objects.

GN 0373 . Gorilla. Unique piece . James Chiew
GN 0601 . Aerobull . Limited Edition . Jarre
GN 0333 . Art Bag . Unique Piece . Debra Franses Bean
GN 0375 . Bulldog Tokyo . Unique piece . James Chiew

On Friday May 12 we opened our new Brandstore at Van Baerlestraat 8 in Amsterdam. Here we mainly present our Masterpiece Collection, consisting of unique and very limited works of art by various international photographers and artists.


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