Jean Raphael

Jean Raphael born in 1967, in Nancy, France is a businessman and artist. He studied Business Administration and Art in the City of Light, Paris and lived there for 20 years. In 1999 he moved to the south of France to open several bars and restaurants, as well as to show his art to the world. 11 years later he chose to leave France and since then Jean Raphael is based in Florida. Sunny Miami is now his residence and this city with all its colors has been a major influence on his new, modern art.

Jean Raphael is inspired by Miami

Jean Raphael therefore uses bright colors and great contrasts in his art. His creations are often provocative and consists of close-ups of men or women tattood and pierced, oozing with sexual energy. A typical example of the style of Jean Raphael is his work Blady Vampire. A digital artwork showing a blonde woman with characteristic large sunglasses, large earrings and eyebrow piercing licking her lips sensually. Naked male bodies can be seen in the reflection of her sunglasses. Provocative, sensual, but also very stylish, this piece of art, just as the city of Miami stays in your mind after the first glimp.

Jean Raphael available at Cobra Art

The distinctive style of Jean Raphael immediately gives your living room or office an exciting atmosphere. His works of art are exciting and dynamic, which can give your location of choice something extra. Cobra Art is therefore delighted to work with this artist on a regular basis and his art can now be ordered. In our collection we offer a wide range and we invite you to have a look.