James Chiew

James Chiew is from Singapore. He never had an art or design training. Painting started for him as a hobby. Later on he started with photography and in this art form James Chiew became famous. This was in fact the Beatrix 3-D artwork presented in ‘Paleis het Loo’ for the exhibition ‘Image of Beatrix’ in 2013. More recently, he also changed a Volkswagen Passat into an art object for a lease-company and the project Artcar 2015. In the meantime, Chiew also set up his own design studio and has become a major name in the hospitality and business art sector.

James Chiew a vision on everyday life

James Chiew is an artist who is inspired by everyday life. The ordinary moments and objects in life, which others may not dwell on. He likes to show ordinary objects or people in a special way, so that people are intruiged and will start thinking it. James Chiew tries to use art in all its forms and with all kinds of materials. His work, as he describes it, often consists several layers, so that different messages can be seen.

James Chiew now in the Cobra Art collection

Paintings, photos and other art objects of James Chiew can now be admired and ordered from the Cobra Art collection. His work has already been exhibited in many places, including exhibitions in Berlin and Ibiza and recently also in the Cobra Brandstore in Amsterdam. James is always looking for the impossible. To quote Chiew: “If it’s not possible, I’ll make it possible.” His creations are now available at Cobra Art.