Elmar Dam

Elmar Dam is a Dutch art photographer who was initially inspired by abandoned and desolate buildings. The emptiness of these structures expressed a certain characteristic which Elmar Dam wanted to absorb and display within his photographs. Nevertheless, these buildings had limitations. He could only photograph what he encountered and although he was able to play with photography, the objects he photographed were unchangeable. In the year 2011, he therefore also started to photograph models and now he is mixing the elements of buildings with the inspiration that models give him. He shows specific ideas and themes in his photos.

Elmar Dam and his perfectionistic working method

Elmar Dam’s ideas stem from the dreams he experiences at night and from the everyday events he experiences. He spends considerable time on perfecting his shoot. He carefully chooses the perfect team to work with. Both the technical people and the models. Elmar Dam then selects extensively and calm exactly the right objects that he would like to see in his art photographs and he gives ample attention to post-processing. Everything has to be perfect for this artist and that can be seen in the result. Dam is a perfectionist, and every work is exactly as he intended it.

Elmar Dam kopen via Cobra Art

Translucent Grip and Sparkle are just two examples of the artworks of Elmar Dam that are now available at the Cobra Art collection. Art photographs like Dominant Number and Scotch & Games show Dam’s style. Work full of intensity, but also playful and erotic. Just look at Gentle Touch or Manly Providence work. Fascinating, dynamic and above all exciting art that stands out in every room.